Christian Galvez

Christian Galvez is directly related with the generation of electric bass players of the post- Pastorius era.

His vision of the electric bass as harmonic instrument is unrivaled:
His original virtuoso style, colorful and musical, where the use of harmony and chords at highest level are a key part of his own language comes close to great geniuses of the “chord melody” as Joe Pass, Tal Farlow, George Benson and Pat Martino.

“Cristian is a great technically wonderful bass player. He belongs in the small group of the young new modern bass geniuses.”
Jeff Berlin

“Cristian Galvez is a great musician, not just because of his virtuosity on the bass, but because he’s an excellent composer and improviser. I look forward to hearing his new projects.”

Scott Henderson


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August / September 2021

August 28thCzech Rep.Prague – Jazz Dock
August 29thCzech Rep.Prague – Novomestska Radnice (*)
September 2ndCzech Rep.Trutnov – Uffo
September 3rdCzech Rep.Brno – Villa Tugendhat
September 5thCzech Rep.Holesnov  – Holesnov Castle (*)

(*) On hold