Adrián Iaies – Mariano Loiácono Dúo

Adrián Iaies – Mariano Loiácono Dúo

For several years, the trumpet/flugelhorn player and composer Mariano Loiácono has become Adrián Iaies’ main artistic partner.
Sooner rather than later, this strong professional and emotional bond would naturally lead to Nikli Song, their first duo album.
Anyone who has ever seen them interact on stage will know that both musicians flow in their musical dialogue.
They speak the same language.
Both have a solid background that exceeds any genre and at the same time, they have the jazz vocabulary in their heads.
Iaies has convoked Loiácono for almost all of his latest projects.
Their collaboration starts with the album “Melancolía” (Adrián Iaies Quartet), followed by the live album“ Small hours, late at night ”, followed by“ Cada mañana te trae”, the first album of the new Iaes drumless trio, guest Juan Manuel Bayón.


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