Amanda Tovalin

Amanda Tovalin

Amanda Tovalin is a Mexican singer, violinist, and composer working and exploring Latin American folklore, jazz, and contemporary music.
In 2014, she releases the EP “Amanda Tovalin” (Jazz Collective), very well received by national and international critics.
His second album “Punto de Partida” was listed No.1 of “The best albums of 2015” by Sin Embargo MX magazine.
His third project “Crónicas” was acclaimed by critics and allowed her to be considered part of the new generations of Mexican songwriters and experimental musicians.
She has toured in several countries such as Colombia and India where she participated in the New Delhi Jazz Festival as well as winning several prestigious scholarships for female composers such as the ART OMI 2019 scholarship in New York.
She is currently working on his next EP, “Infinito”.


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