AVR is a musical proposal that fuses different genres, Hip hop, Candombe, and Jazz.
The show is any time different: improvisation is the core of the band performance.
The band talks about topics related to social, ethnic, gender, and everybody’s quotidian experiences.
The band aims to transmit through music their positive messages to any type of audience.
They have performed in Montevidean venues, among them, Inmigrantes, Sala Zitarrosa , Sala del Museo.
They are currently planning the release of “Sankofa” an album that mixes all the genres mentioned above with prose and Afro Writing.
Ruben Rada and Hugo Fattoruso are two of their many guests.

Contact: Álvaro Silva
Email:  alvarosilva95@gmail.com
Phone: +598 98250795



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