Banda Deus Preto

Banda Deus Preto

The Banda Deus Preto works for the promotion and diffusion of authorial music.
They investigated Reggae and Rocksteady for years, both Jamaican rhythms, strongly represented in São Luís do Maranhão.
Its compositions and lyrics approach themes such as prejudice, intolerance, religious and political fundamentalism, always respecting diversity, and spreading the love for human beings.
The band was formed in 2015 by Dinei Oliveira (vocals), Carlos Guita (guitar), Biral Ferreira (keyboard), Betão Nascimento (bass) and Mateus Nygrom (drums).
Their independent EP “DEUS PRETO” was produced by Moises Mota drummer of the Maranhão Reggae Band Mano Bantu.
In 2019, Banda Deus Preto was among the best bands that played in the Brazilian show “Show livre”.

Contact: Dinei Oliveira
Phone: +55 61981434247



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