Camila López

Camila López

Camila López was born an only child in Buenos Aires City (the Capital City or Argentina).
In 2014 she released her first album “Por donde corre la sangre”.
In the summer of 2015 she shared a national Tour along with Liliana Herrero, Luciana Jury, Miss Bolivia, Andrea Alvarez, etc, since one of the songs included in her first album, “Basta”, was chosen to be part of the project called “Se trata de nosotras”, organized to fight against women trafficking.
That same Summer she presented the album at the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación.
In 2018 she released her first EP in English: “Naked and borrowed” which includes 2 original songs and 2 covers.
In 2019 she released the video clip “La Peona”, which was a single to promote her second LP upcoming album.
Finally, in 2020, during the pandemic, she decided to release the album “Rompiente” virtually, without the possibility of playing it live.
This material was also self-financed and self-produced as most of her work, always working under the premise that it is not an option waiting for external financing to produce art.
At the current moment, she is post-producing her second album in English: an LP , performing all songs written on piano and during the Pandemic.
She hopes this material can be released before fall 2021.

Contact: Camila López
Phone: +54 1140786628


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