Camila Meza

Camila Meza

Camila Meza, equally prized as a vocalist, guitarist and composer, has brought a sound full of warmth, intricacy and rhythmic clarity to the New York jazz scene ever since her arrival from Santiago, Chile in 2009.
Inspired by jazz, South American music and American popular song of many eras and genres, she has uplifted audiences worldwide with her rare combination of talents: assured and beautiful singing; highly advanced guitar (both self accompaniment and blistering solo work); and vividly colorful, melodic songwriting that reveals complex layers with every listen.
Meza debuted in 2007 with “Skylark”, followed up in 2009 with “Retrato”, again in 2013 with Prisma and in 2016 with the ambitious Sunnyside Label she release “Traces”, with which she won two Independent Music Awards (IMA) for Best Adult Contemporary CD and Best Latin CD.
Hailed by The New York Times as “a bright young singer and guitarist with an ear for music of both folkloric and pop intention,” and “…her improvising, on electric or acoustic guitar, is serious business…”, Meza has also broken ground leading her ensemble The Nectar Orchestra which incorporates a string quartet and whose album “Ámbar” was released in 2019 by Sony Masterworks.
She toured extensively in the US, Europe, Japan and South America and was awarded a Chilean Music Prize “Premios Pulsar” as Best Jazz Fusion Artist in 2020.


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