César Secundino

César Secundino

The passion for jazz and contemporary world music has led harpist César Secundino to write arrangements and compositions premiered by renowned musicians in Mexico, Italy, Spain, England, Australia, Colombia, Singapore, USA, and China.
César has performed worldwide in important concert halls in Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Wales, Portugal, Brazil, the Netherlands, Finland, the USA, Colombia, China, and Mexico.
He has been awarded first prizes in international harp competitions in Mexico, Spain, France, Wales, Germany.
He won First Place and the Audience Award, in the “The World Harp Competition”, held in May 2018 in Utrecht, Netherlands; the purpose of this competition was to find the best harpist in the world and then offer him a tour that will soon end in 2021.
He is currently creating socio-musical experimentation projects, focused on the reinforcement of the musical language in Mexico.


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