Cláudio Costa Val

Cláudio Costa Val

“We are indigenous. We are black. We are white. We are women, men, heterosexuals, homosexuals, bi, trans… We are extravagant, we are normal. We are Human. No one has the right to go against who we are.”
The epigraph is mine, it’s on the insert of my new album “Extravagâncias”. It explains my motivation as a lyricist.
We are Latin Americans. In the title song of the album, a lyric’s fragment reveals: “Alternâncias, vontades de viver / Caminhos oblíquos, que dão num só lugar”.
We know: we have to learn to live better, in this only “site”: Planet Earth.
Another extract of music (“Visionário”), also helps to understand the album: “Se portas fossem open / Se olhos never se datessem / Às responses lost no tempo / Às perguntas launched ao vento”.
My songs are in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
Sound and arrangements seek crossings between world music, Brazilian popular music, swing music, and jazz-rock.

Contact: Cláudio Costa Val
Phone: +55 31995719127



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