Deskartes a Kant

Deskartes a Kant

Descartes a Kant is a Mexican rock, noise, and avant-garde group from Guadalajara, Jalisco, formed in 2001.
They are characterized by their style mixing different rhythms and by their energetic live performances.
His style is called by the band itself as “bipolar-schizoid sound”, which alternates sweet and melodic tones with loud and shrill tones.
Their work incorporates influences from Noise Grind, Noise Rock & Roll, Surfing, Electronic Music, Bossa Nova, and jazz.
Their live performances are usually theatrical, such as performances, and the members of the group usually wear specific outfits on stage.
Throughout her long career, she has performed in venues and festivals in North America, Europe, and South America.

Contact: Magda Valdivia
Phone: +52 55 1491 9068



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