Felipe Badaró Grupo

Felipe Badaró Grupo

The project was created in 2016 in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Felipe Badaró Salom (drummer, percussionist, composer, and teacher) decided to start an elaboration and musical creation process motivated by a strong conviction and necessity to follow his pathway, to imprint his music with his character.
The compositional work aims to rescue different experiences, sensations, moods, and images evoked by music.
Each composition has a particular identity: diverse instruments, each theme has its tones and ambiances.
Jazz, Rock, Songs, 20th Century contemporary Music, and even some Pop music traces, make part of tunes going through unpredictable and diverse moments, challenging the listener at any time.
Felipe Badaró Grupo has participated in the Festival Internacional de Jazz “Jazz a la Calle” and the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Tucumán , among other venues.
Recently, his first album “Al viento” has been nominated as “Best Jazz Album” at the Premios Graffiti 2020.
His last album “Visiones”, released in December 2019, was composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Felipe Badaró.


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