Gringo’s Washboard Band

Gringo’s Washboard Band

Gringo’s Washboard Band was formed in 2012, to preserve the social side of jazz (which was very much alive around 1900).
The name Gringo’s Washboard Band is linked to the fact that we consider ourselves as foreigners( gringo) playing American music. Thus allowing adding your accent to each song.
In 2014 they had the chance to play and invite several local artists performing 190 shows in just 1 year.
In 2015 they were invited to play at the Ilha Blues Festival Internacional, where they shared the stage with artists such as Victor Biglione (Brazil), Lorenzo Thompson (Chicago), Shirley King (daughter of B.B King), and many others.
In 2016, they were invited by Rede Globo to participate in the SUPERSTAR program.
After their first performance, (with a re-reading in the traditional Jazz style of the 1×0 song by master Pixinguinha), they have been enthusiastically appreciated by great artists such as Daniela Mercury, J. Quest, Tata Werneck, Fernanda Lima, and Sandy.
In 2017 and 2018 they performed at several festivals such as Jazz Mansion # 8 and # 12- SP, Curitiba Jazz Festival –PR, Ilha do Mel jazz festival, Ponta Grossa Music Shop -PR, and much more.
2019 was the year of the Mississippi Blues Festival, where Gringo’s WB was very well appreciated.
Their first album will be produced in 2020.


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