Hackmed was an idea of the guitarist due to the sexual abuse suffered by his vocalist.
They use powerful lyrics, seeking to awaken people through music, focusing on the characteristics and reality of social behavior.
It is a proposal that shows the reality that many would like to express, in a moment of musical triviality.
With highly meaningful lyrics, their sound is the result of new and iconic sounds, a proposal that shows the fragility of emotions but also their power, in an era of human superficiality.
Hackmed has a musical and visual proposal, led by their female vocalist.
They have shared the stage with groups of great experience such as Kraken, Poligamia, Superlitio, Don Tetto, La Doble A, Revolver Silverado, Skampida, Doctor Krápula , Estados Alterados, La Pestilencia, Rocka, among other Colombian artists.
They have performed twice at the Festival Día del Rock de Colombia, in Bogotá.


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