Holman Trio

Holman Trio

Ernesto Holman (Viña del Mar, 1950) is a renowned Chilean bass guitar player and composer. Member of the prestigious Latin American Fusion band Congreso between 1980 and 1984 and many other personal projects. He is known as one of the most important jazz fusion and progressive rock electric bass guitar players in Chile, who has dedicated himself to implementing bass guitar as a melodic instrument as well as rhythmic in the local scene. He later went deep into the Mapuche’s world view, inspired by the sounds and rhythms of the Trutruka or the Kultrún to make electronic music in “flesh and bones”. He would then never write music on a chart again, but directly into his electric bass guitar and by using computer software; this is how he released his albums “Ñamco” (2003) and “Al Vuelo del Ñamco” (2005), both dedicated to the sacred figure of the eagle. In this spirit, Holman recorded his third album “Mari Tripan-tu” (2008), commemorating his tenth anniversary as a member of the Mapuche community Kallfulikán.
Holman Trio, with Josué Villalobos on drums and Gustavo Cerqueiras on keyboards, is the project that represents the most of his endless research inside the southern Chile first nations world vision.
The band has performed at any possible Chilean venue and festival.
Abroad, we can highlight Ollin Kan Festival (Mexico), Sala Zitarrosa (Uruguay), Tum Tum (Brazil), Matik Matik (Colombia), Seoul Music Week (Korea), Lincoln Center (US), Montreal Jazz Festival )Canada), EMMAT Berkley Colombia (Colombia).

Contact: Lorena Amarillo
Email: lamarillo@directmusiccollective.com
Phone: +56 9 9042 1662
Web: https://directmusiccollective.com/artists/ernesto-holman/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ernestoholman.etnojazztrio



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