La Brígida Orquesta

La Brígida Orquesta

La Brígida Orquesta is a Chilean “Orchestrated Jazz Rap Band”.
They released their first EP in November 2017, becoming the sensation of the urban jazz scene in Chile.
The band’s director Gabo Paillao, vocalist Matiah Chinaski, and Felipe Salas, are three historical members of the Chilean rap fusion scene who have a great influence on the popularity of the project.
In a short time, the band has managed to conquer the main stages throughout Chile.
Their first LP of “Corte Elegante” was released in 2018, being the winner of the Pulsar Awards 2019 as “Artista Revelación”.
In October and November 2019 they made the first European tour, playing at the outstanding festival “Oslo World” and in prominent venues in Malmö, Berlin, Barcelona, and Copenhagen.
The EP “La Brígida Orquesta Live in Berlin” was recorded in Berlin and released in December 2019.
In February 2020 they performed at WOMAD Chile Festival.
They are currently preparing a new EP to release in late 2020 or early 2021.

Contact: Cristian Ormeño Ortiz
Phone: +56 961231038



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