Le Monqué Spazzuah

Le Monqué Spazzuah

Le Monqué Spazzuah is a Mexican band that embraces jazz syncopation language, funk  energy, and electronic atmospheres; all this is mixed with a powerful brass section.
In its 10-year career with 3 studio albums, the band currently belongs to the international music circuit, performing in important stages such as Querétaro Jazz Festival, Mazunte Jazz Festival, Córdoba Jazz Festival,
In April 2020, they released their single “Homosepia” selected for the playlist “Best New Music” by Sounds and Colors Magazine (UK).
The single was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Estudios Noviembre in Mexico City (3 Grammy Awards winner).
“Le Monqué Spazzuah performs with a relentless intensity that demands listeners’ attention, with no compromises, clearly inside the self-labeling genre.”


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