Mariela Condo

Mariela Condo

Mariela Condo is an Ecuadorian singer, author, and songwriter.
She was born in 1983 in Cacha-Puruhá, an indigenous community in the province of Chimborazo and his life passed between various cultural activities, recitals, musical encounters.
It is inevitable that later on, she would dedicate herself to compose, becoming one of the most recognized singer-songwriters in Ecuador.
Mariela Condo has shared the stage with beloved and admired artists such as Lila Downs, Martha Gómez,  Victoria Villalobos, Omar Camino, Beto Gómez, Aarón Cruz, Juan Quintero,
She has participated in countless events such as the “XVIII Festival Internazionale di Poesía”  in Genoa, Italy (2012).
She made part of the official UNESCO ceremony for the declaration as Cultural Heritage of Humanity to the Qhapac Ñan (Inca Trail), in Cusco, Peru (2014); She was also a guest artist at the “Expo Milano 2015” Fair, as well as at the “Encuentro de Cantautores” in Lima, Peru (2015); She was invited to the Womad Chile festival in 2016.
In March 2012 she won the Award for Cultural Merit “Bicentennial Medal” by the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador.
In November 2013, she was awarded the “Canción Imprescindible” award, an award promoted by Radio Pública del Ecuador.
In 2007 she released her first album called “Shuk Shimi, Waranka Shimi (One voice, a thousand voices)”, which compiles unknown songs in Kichwa, an indigenous language of the Andean region.
In 2013, “Vengo a Ver”, with which he toured several countries in America and Europe.
In 2015, “Pinceladas”, with which he makes a musical tour of Latin America.
She is currently preparing the release of her new album “Al Viento” Vol1.
The album is a return to the roots of Ecuadorian music through the avant-garde musical arrangements of Willan Farinango.

Contact: Mariela Condo / William Farinango
Phone: +33 665657210



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