Ñanda Mañachi

Ñanda Mañachi

Ñanda Mañachi starts its activity in 1969.
Ñanda Mañachi’s music raise from the indigenous sentiment of the “Otavaleños” whose mission is to spread Ecuadorian indigenous art to the world.
Ñanda Mañachi project was created with 18 indigenous communities (Peguche, Zuleta, Angochagua).
Among them, in the Inti Raymi area, they met the Master (Jatun Takiq) Alfonso Cachiguango, an expert on the Andean musical roots.
In 39 years he formed and conducted more than 70 musicians who now live in Japan, Europe, Mexico, the United States, Central, and South America.

Contact: Chopin Termes
Email: chopin.llaquiclla@gmail.com
Phone: +593 98310-6814



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