Nicolas Guerschberg Trío

Nicolás Guerschberg

The chosen themes allow glimpses of jazz, tango, classical and contemporary music, they are above all, free and heartfelt musical expressions that avoid any categorization. With Mariano Sivori (bass) & Daniel “Pipi” Piazzolla (drums).
Says the press about the Trio:
“Part of several of the most interesting projects of recent times, in the lands bordering on jazz and with the possibility of a current tango, the pianist and composer Nicolás Guerschberg, in the excellent Encuentro, converge in a whole where the group is  the main instrument. (Diego Fisherman, Página12).
“In themes such as La base está, Desiderata, Nela, for example, Guerschberg precisely delimits the terrain (and its borders) through which it will travel. Each theme is a program from which it is not necessary to move until everything possible is reviewed.  it hangs from a classic by Charly García such as Los Dinosaurs, it is not to alter its essence and make its transfer to another expressive territory a virtue, but rather to move in the same coordinates as the original. For Guerschberg the work is not in the difference and the contrast, but in the development. In the construction of this expressive universe that regulates intensities, energies and depths without the need to force surprises, his piano language brings into play a remarkable  range of resources “(Santiago Giordano, La Voz del Interior)

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