Orquesta Son de Cuba

Orquesta Son de Cuba

The international orchestra Son de Cuba is a social, musical, and cultural process born in 1991 inside the Cuban neighborhood in Pereira, Colombia.
The idea was to use music as an alternative to entertainment and occupation for the young members of this community.
This project moved forward step by step and arrived to make part of the Colombian music circuit.
The Orquesta Son de Cuba has had the honor to open for artists such as Henry Fiol, Mario de Jesús, among many others, as well as sharing the stage with world-class orchestras such as Orquesta Narvaez, Grancombo from Puerto Rico, Oscar D’León, Grupo Niche, Guayacán, Grupo Gale.
In 2018 they recorded their first musical production, an 8 tracks album called “Asunto Social”.
This album defines their approach to their art: a distinct social perspective, lyrics filled with messages inviting the listener to raise awareness in social problems that touch our lives.
In 2019 this musical album was nominated for the most important independent music awards in the world, the “IMAS Awards.”

Contact: William Alberto Cano Tabares
Email: salsasondecuba@gmail.com
Phone: +57 3182930100



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