Pablo Carmona Trio

Pablo Carmona Trío

Pablo Carmona is an Argentinian Double Bassist and Composer who was born in Buenos Aires on december 15, 1965.
He devoted himself to an instrospective study of the double Bass to specialize in different styles such and Blues and Jazz. He estudied with american Bass Player Bob Magnusson and he improved the classical technique with Javier Dragun, Argentinian solist of the National Symphony Orchestra (Colon Theater).
As a profesional musician he play and recorded whit local artist such Jorge Navarro, Walter Maloseti and Chico Novarro. He is currently perfoming at the most prestigius jazz clubs and festivals in Buenos Aires and recorded two albums whit is trio. “Time to Swing” (Limbo Music), and “Room Coctel” (Distrokid).
Whit Pablo Raposo: Piano and Jorge Elia: Drums.

Contact: Mauricio Mancovsky / JazzOnline.Club
Phone: +54 9 11 6946 4744
Web: http://www.JazzOnline.Club



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