Rousi Flor de Caeté

Rousi Flor de Caeté

I am a singer and songwriter, I bring a sound that mixes various rhythms and musical styles, such as traditional music of African and indigenous culture and electronic music, intended as a crossover with other artistic languages ​​and technologies.
Between 2016 and 2018 I was selected to play at: Music Day, Sonora International Festival of Composers-Natal, Festival Dosinho de Marchinhas Carnavalescas, Edital Som Sem Plugs Música e Energia and Festival Canta Sampaio, in RN.
Between 2018 and 2020, I dedicated myself, in Pernambuco, to my performance “Pedra Flor”.
I composed “Pedra Flor” as a poetic/affective/political spot.
I performed it at Biennials and Festivals, releasing the singles “Vira Mundo” and “Afago no Mar”.
Seeking to know and transform myself through music, I investigate the hybridism of the colored woman.
In my songs, I make questions about inclusive feminism, partiality, self-knowledge, spirituality, ancestry, multi-territoriality, and the raising issue of the body/nature/city relationship.
I believe in art, in the body, in caring as connections to social transformation.

Contact: Rousi Flor de Caeté
Phone: +55 84988323075



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