Señales – 100 años de Benedetti

Señales – 100 años de Benedetti

Silvana Marrero and Carlos Darakjian musicalize Mario Benedetti.
“Señales”, Silvana Marrero and Carlos Darakjian’s new album, is the first full musicalization of Mario Benedetti’s poetry made by Uruguayan artists.
They celebrated the 100 anniversary of the poet’s birth, with a European and Latin American tour in 45 cities in 10 countries.
“Señales” has its stylistic base in contemporary Uruguayan popular music and influences from jazz and Latin American rhythms.
They use the Candombe (main representative of Afro-Uruguayan culture), Milonga, Tango, and other regional styles to work around Benedetti’s poetry.
The result is a true expression of Uruguayan culture from a modern perspective.

Contact: Leo Billar
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