Sergio Aguirre con Finas Hierbas

Sergio Aguirre con Finas Hierbas

After six albums as a leader, Sergio Aguirre presents his new musical project: Sergio Aguirre con Finas Hierbas.
He Keeps the trio format since the Pagoer Trío (2016-2019), together with Pedro Zeni (percussions and choirs) and now with Ramiro Dutra (bass and backing vocals).
Aguirre reaffirms his “Identidad fronteriza” (border identity, from the northern coast of Uruguay), proposing a blend of regional and international genres with personal attributes.
Performing original music, Aguirre has played within the country in various departments and abroad (Colombia, Brazil, and Spain).
He was also awarded by the Fondos Concursables y Regionales para la Cultura del MEC, receiving very positive comments from music critics (
He is currently preparing an upcoming CD, presented to the Fondos Concursables para la Cultura 2020 (under evaluation).

Contact: Sergio Aguirre
Phone: +598 98763533



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