Alejandro Luzardo y La Candombera

Alejandro Luzardo y La Candombera

“Premios Graffiti 2016 winner for best candombe record”
Alejandro Luzardo y La Candombera is a musical project formed in Barcelona (2001) by the guitarist and percussionist Alejandro Luzardo.
After several singles recorded, broadcasted in Spain and Uruguay, he released his first album “Escucha el Tambor” (Blue Moon- Inner Jazz, 2008) and tours throughout Spain and Europe.
The rhythmic base of Luzardo’s compositions and arrangements is Candombe, Afro-Uruguayan culture, and traditional music.
He explores also the fusion with other colors and styles such as funk, jazz, etc.
He has achieved a unique type of fusion that is today a reference of Candombe Music in Uruguay.
Returned to Uruguay in 2011, he records “A Bailar Candombe !!!” (Sondor, 2012) and Candom-Bebop (Sondor 2015). This double album won the Premios Graffiti 2016 as Best Candombe Album.
It was also nominated for best jazz album 2016.
Currently, Alejandro Luzardo and La Candombera is a reference to Afro-Uruguayan music, distinguished by a strong emphasis on the essential elements of the Candombero language and the attention to its evolution and expansion.


Alejandro Luzardo Blanco
Phone: : +598 99961717



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