Benshi Dron

Benshi Dron

Benshi Dron is a violinist, producer, composer, and manager from Tucumán, Argentina.

He has made 6 International Tours in Belgium, Germany, Holland, England, France, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Chile, Peru, and Colombia.
He collaborated with artists such as Willy Crook, Sara Hebe, Botafogo, La Mona Jimenez, Carli Jimenez, Juan Quintero and Luna Monti, Tiki Cantero, Juampi Di Leone, Hugo Bistolfi, Elias Mester (Resident), Daniel Guardia, Xavier Inchausti, Gran Ballet Argentino , Jean Carlos, Alexander Panizza.
He is also a soundtrack composer and performer for Theater, Cinema, and live art performances.
He has worked as a producer for  IMESUR and INAMU (2020).
He has also worked as an instrumentalist for the Programa de Improvisación y composición at CCK, appointed by the FNA (2014).

Contact: Benjamin Juarez Rodriguez
Phone: +54 3517611820


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