Contrafarsa is an Uruguayan Murga, created in 1980, inside a neighborhood collective structure.
A group of “Gurises” put together a Murga to celebrate Children’s Day and they called it “El Firulete”; seven years later they decide to participate in the official carnival contest, but they have to change the name into Contrafarsa.
In 1991, Contrafarsa won its first prize in the Carnival Contest; they won again in 1998, 2000 and 2002.
One of the brightest moments in this story takes place in 2000, when they presented “El tren de los sueños”, a show that transcended the borders of the contest, became a cultural icon of the beginning of the century and, according to experts, indicated a break in the way of conceiving the carnival genre.
With its original cast, directed by Edú Lombardo, they made 9 sold-out performances at the Auditorio Nacional del Sodre in Montevideo, to celebrate the 20 years of the “El tren de los sueños ”


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