Cucú Rapé

Cucú Rapé

Cucú Rapé was formed in early 2008. The group performs its own compositions with a clear sense of belonging to Uruguayan popular music, but paying special attention to its more experimental lines.
He works a lot on climates, melodies and rhythms, inspired by his poetics, sometimes more milongueros, others visiting the folk roots, others more explicitly winking at rock, at ballads.
He usually explores the various musical species of this region, march-truck, candombe, milonga, dance milonga, chacarera, waltz, polka, etc. Which are approached from a peculiar outside-inside: they do not convey a deep-rooted intimacy with the spheres in which those genres arose, but a respectful love for Uruguayan music that incorporates them all. The musicality and sensitivity allow us to capture fundamental elements of the essence of each genre, but there is also freedom and the playful disposition to miss them a little with non-traditional features.
This moment finds us mixing our third studio album, which has a very different character from the previous ones, since it is a rhythmic album that basically focuses on Candombe


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