Drums Reloaded “Limited edition”

Drums Reloaded “Limited edition”

Most certainly a very unique jazz quartet, combining a pianist, a double-bass player and two drummers. Yes, you got it right, two drummers on stage.
Playing tribute to some of the historics moments of the jazz tradition including the drum battles between Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. In a fascinating show, where you can enjoy new interpretations of the classics like Louis Prima’s “Sing, sing, sing”and Dizzy Gillespi’s “Salt peanuts”. Always trying to redefine the role of the drummers in the band.
“Drums reloaded” features Santiago Hernandez on drums and leadership, Tomas Babjaczuk on drums, Federico Palmolella on double-bass and Nicolas Boccanera on piano.
Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this show in this “Limited edition”.

Contact: Mauricio Mancovsky / JazzOnline.Club
Email: info@jazzonline.club
Phone: +54 9 11 6946 4744
Web: http://www.JazzOnline.Club



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