Fabio Carvalho

Fabio Carvalho

The Dialogue Between Traditional and Modern
Fabio Carvalho searched for the oldest heritage rhythms of the state of Espirito Santo, those with African roots music, and he puts the ‘Congo’ and ‘Ticumbi’ to talk to the beats of electronic music The result isa precious and danceful dialogue of traditional folk art with contemporary, very current fruit of cultural anthropophagy that marked the birth of Brazilian modernism.
Fabio Carvalho is known for his participation in Manimal band, already in the 1990s joined the congo to other genres, especially rock This deep connection with popular culture transpires in “backyard” since its opening track, “Preto Velho, (old black Man)” in which the musician reveres Candomblé and rhythms like Samba, Caxambu, Ciranda and the aforementioned Congo and Ticumbi.

Contact: Cid Travaglia
Email: cid@lonamusik.com
Phone: +49 1639279935



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