Felipe Duhart

Felipe Duhart

Felipe Duhart and his quintet present “Huerquehue”, a sonic performance that follows the paths of contemporary jazz with a melodic and rhythmic South American feeling.
They use typical textures from Chile and the continent, melted with modern sonorities.
Their musical exploration captivates the public with a powered and vertiginous improvisation, that creates a dynamic and deep experience.
“… an unexpected, surprising and explosive jazz with a Chilean accent that conquered from the first note …they got a double ovation from the audience thanks to a strong personality, virtuosity, and honest performance; the group excelled, both when playing as an ensemble and when each one seized the attention with admirable solos, almost reaching the top of their instrument’s sonic possibilities.
A clean and impeccable touch also marks the essence of this quintet, his sound is the definition of fusion…”
”Victoria Martínez / ABC / ASUJAZZ


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