Groove in transit

Groove in Transit

Groove in transit is bassist Felipe Catrilef and drummer Josué Villalobos.
It is a powerful jazz fusion duo with Latin American folk rhythms mixtures.
At the beginning of their musical carrier, they were both recruited by great music masters such as Ernesto Holman, Christian Galvez, Jorge Diaz, Leo Maslíah, Federico Nathan among others.
They reached high-level performing skills, being able to be part of other famous projects in Latin America and abroad.
Groove in Transit is a modern duo that seeks to exist in the space between music form and improvisation, bringing people to live an avant-garde jazz fusion experience, generating a unique sound that does not go unnoticed by any listener.

Contact: Josué Villalobos/ Felipe Catrilef
Phone: +56 9 8990 8840



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