La Jarana

La Jarana

La Jarana is a musical project from Montevideo, Uruguay, with an unusual instrumental line up: Vibraphone, Electric Bass, Saxophone, and a drumset from a Murga Uruguaya (Bass Drum, Cymbals and Snare Drum, each one performed by a single percussionist).
The group was created in 2010 to generate a personal musical language as a dialogue between Jazz, Latin American Popular Music, and the rhythmic and timbre possibilities of the Uruguayan Murga.
La Jarana has performed in Jazz festivals in both Uruguay and Argentina (“Jazz a la Calle” in Mercedes, Uruguay, “Independent Jazz Festival” in Tucumán, Argentina, among others), as well as being an active group in the Montevideo music scene.
In 2014 they released their first album “La Jarana”.
At the end of 2019, they released their second album “Agradable Sujeto” (nominated for “Best Jazz Album” at the Premios Graffiti 2020).
This second album includes only original music; they use elements of Jazz, Tango, Murga, Candombe, Brazilian, Argentine, and Uruguayan popular music, always passing by the Murga’s rhythmic and sound style, which gives it a particularly Montevideo and Uruguayan sound.


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