Las Hijas de Mandela

Las Hijas de Mandela

Las Hijas de Mandela is an Uruguayan duo formed by Leticia Ramos and Claudia Rojo.
Since 2010 they work fusing Latin American rhythms such as Candombe, Reggae, Murga, Cumbia, among other genres around the world.
In 2019 they release their first album “Iguales y Libres” with songs telling about love, friendship, and motherhood, expressing their identity, heritage, and protest against racism.
Since its origin, the duo has performed in many stages and events in the country such as the Día Nacional del Candombe, Cultura Afro, y la Equidad Racial, the Día Internacional de Nelson Mandela in the Govern Palace, the Día Internacional de la Mujer at the Auditorium del Sodre , Fiesta del Río y la Convivencia en Santiago Vázquez, Sala Zitarrosa, Criolla del Prado and in the Master Lecture by Angela Davis at the Teatro Solís, among others.
In September 2020, “Iguales y Libres”, was nominated as the best album in the Candombe Fusión category at the Premios Premios Graffiti a la Música Uruguaya.
In this context, the organization team invited them to perform at the award ceremony held at the Auditorio del Sodre on October 20th, 2020.


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