Leiden is a Cuban-Mexican multi-disciplinary composer and performer who combines Latin American music with other avant-garde rhythms and genres.
Her sound proposal enriches the identity of the new Latin American song.
She studied at the University of Guadalajara and the University of Havana.
She has performed in the Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, and Costa Rica.
She performed in Festivals in Mexico, such as Vive Latino, Cervantino, Coordenadas, as well as the Lunario del Auditorio nacional, Teatro Degollado de Guadalajara.
She has composed for films, short films, documentaries, dance performances, and theatrical productions.
She is a member of the group of composers “Núcleo Distante” and the choir of women singers-songwriters El Palomar.
She has released 3 albums: “Leiden” (2014), “Los Muertos También Dejan Flores” (2017), “Impulso Natural” (2020), and the DVD of the live concert “La Vuelta al Sol”. (2016).


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