Mano Goreda

Mano Goreda

Originally from Mexico City, José Manuel González Pereda is a multi-instrumentalist, specialist in “Live Looping” and “Live electronics” techniques.
He created in 2007 together with Luis Antonio Marín Castillo and Ángel Ibis Ortiz the progressive rock group “Sweet Fingers” with which he recorded his album in 2010, showcasing the music in main national venues.
Currently, he works independently under the pseudonym “Mano Goreda” resident of the “Corredor Gastronómico de Plaza Fundadores”.
He is an important specialist of “Live Looping” and Folk music, an enthusiast of cultural Heterogeneity and collective awareness.
His production “Alegorias a la Flaca” is relevant.
This concert held in 2019 that brought together different musical expressions from several Mexican regions, was produced in collaboration with the Fundación UNAM.


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