Mauricio Gallardo Cuarteto

Mauricio Gallardo Cuarteto

“The search for authenticity” is a phrase that can define vibraphonist Mauricio Gallardo’s artistic proposal.
His proposal arises from the tradition of jazz but is approached also from a contemporary perspective.
His music seeks to reflect our times honestly and authentically, freely incorporating the various influences that may arise in the creative process.
The quartet is formed by Oscar Pizarro on Piano, Patricio Gallardo on Double Bass, and Josué Villalobos on Drums; it seeks to open new paths for the vibraphone, a young instrument yet to be explored.
But even more relevant, it seeks a genuine connection with the listener: that sensation of synergy between human beings through sounds, interpretation, and improvisation; the circulation of empathy through art.

Contact: Mauricio Gallardo
Phone: +56 987298238



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