Máximo González Dúo

Máximo González Dúo

The Fusion of Chilean music.
Featuring bassist Máximo González.
Their proposal can be intended as “Music that moves smoothly among the elements, a fresh and organic way of entering in the mysterious atmosphere of south-central Chile, through jazz hybrids and the provocative singing of the fretless bass, all of the above, accompanied by a particular rhythmic drum/percussion set, navigating between jazz sounds and fusion patterns.
His musical journey mixes jazz sounds with elements of Mapuche culture (rhythms, melodies), incorporating musical landscapes of the central zone (Songs, Polkas, Cueca, Rin) and north countryside (Huayno, Trote);
He is currently presenting his latest album titled TREGÜL (2020)

Contact: Máximo González
Email: maximo.cristobal@gmail.com
Phone: +56 994875125
FB: http://www.facebook.com/maximocgonzalez



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