Milonga Sin Corte

Milonga Sin Corte

Milonga Sin Corte is a Tango band created in 2011, in Argentina.

The current line-up is voice, violin, and guitar (although they usually collaborate with piano and bandoneon).
They have a dynamic and theatrical show about the history of Argentine Tango.
They made 3 Tours of Europe, performing in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and England, 3 South American Tours in Chile, Peru, and 2 Tours in Colombia.
They participated in international festivals: “TangoPostale” (France), “Rebish” I and II (France), “Festivalas” (Belgium), “Syematicze Dance” (Poland), and “Manila” (Colombia).
During the pandemic, they started a Cycle of streaming interviews with Artists that have already been going on for 5 months and 22 editions with important Latin American artists such as Julián Peralta, Cucuza Castiello, Chino Laborde, Elbi Olalla, Alejandro Guyot, Noelia Sinkunas, Marisa Vazquez, among others.

Contact: Benjamin Juarez Rodriguez (Benshi Dron)
Phone: +54 3517611820


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