Nano Stern

Nano Stern

“NANO STERN is the best Chilean singer-songwriter of his generation, with his lyrics, melodies, message, humor, and heart”
(Joan Baez, USA)

“Stern’s appearance produced the kind of lightning bolt you might have experienced in the 1960s when anything seemed possible and hope was in the air”
(The New York Times)

Fernando Stern Britzmann, better known by his stage name Nano Stern, is one of the most prominent singers, multi-instrumentalists and composers of the new generation of Chilean musicians, linking his work to popular singing, Trova, Folk, and Rock.
Today he stands out as one of the most important Chilean musicians of recent years, recognized for the power of his live performance, his talent with the guitar, violin, and other instruments, as well the strong social commitment present in his speech, which also has positioned him as an opinion leader in the country.
He has 11 albums at his name, several of them with iconic songs for the Latin American audience.

Contact: Juan Carlos Olivares
Phone: +56 9 9643 6236



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