Pedro Assad + 2 trio

Pedro Assad + 2 trio

Pedro Assad +2 trio” is a independent brazilian instrumental group formed by Pedro Assad on piano, Ramon del Pino on bass and Pedro Prado on drums. All songs are written by Pedro Assad, who has released some of his compositions in earlier works like “Pedro Assad e Meretrio – Na Cozinha (2010)“, and “Bora Barão – Baile (2013)“. “Pedro Assad +2 trio” has released his first online album “Em Busca de Um Cachê” in 2020, available on YouTube and Bandcamp. The compositions presented by the trio have different musical characteristics, with many different influences, from brazilian music to jazz, passing through a little bit of classical, and some improvisation too. The idea is to present different possibilities that this formation can provide musically, and not only the pianist as a accompanied soloist.”l

Contact: Pedro Assad
Phone: +55 1198671 0113



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