La Marraqueta

La Marraqueta

Pedro Greene Orrego is a Chilean percussionist, composer, and arranger born in 1949.
At the age of 13, with his brother Alejandro and Julio Villalobos, he founded Los Blops, a founding Chilean rock group.
He worked a long season in Europe with the Dharma Quintet, the Speed ​​of Light, and the Alan Silva Celestial Orchestra at various festivals and multiple tours.
Back in Chile, he founded the Jazz-Rock group New Directions and created the Jazz-Rock group Cometa.
He collaborates with a long list of artists such as Silvio Rodríguez, Angel Parra Sr., Isabel Parra, to name a few, with whom he recorded and performed live concerts.
During his stay in Japan, he wrote the ”Roppongui” Ballet published on his CD “Pebre”, performing various presentations of this ballet at the Municipal Theater of Santiago and other important venues.
In the 90s he founded “La Marraqueta”, a Chilean Fusion group that became one of the most important Chilean fusion bands of the last 20 years.
At this moment he is concentrating on the recording of his fourth CD with La Marraqueta, he is a member of the “Campos -Cuturrufo -Greene Trio” as well as performing with the “Tambores del Alma”.

Contact: Pedro Greene Orrego
Phone: +56 998229407



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