Proyecto Caníbal Troilo

Proyecto Caníbal Troilo

PCT is a contemporary tango collective led by Hugo Rocca.
Their compositions go from Tango and Milonga in its most traditional form into fusion with other musical genres, such as electronics, jazz, pop, rock.
In 2011, 2012 and 2013 they performed at the Festival de Tango Internacional de Montevideo (Sala Zitarrosa).
They have performed at the Festival de la Costa (Plaza de los Olímpicos), Autores en Vivo de Agadu, in the Cumparsita Week in Montevideo and San José, Cultural Center of Spain, Hugo Balzo del Sodre Room, Zavala Muniz Room, Solís Theater, etc.
In 2013 they released their first album, “Montevideo Sala Vip” (supported by FONAM and CIAT, nominated for the Premios Graffiti), and a DVD with the performance in the AUTORES EN VIVO- AGADU cycle.
In 2015 they released their second phonogram “Tango Hereje”.
The songs are nourished by multiple sounds, to give the collective a personal characteristic in the approach to tango.
This new “Tango sound” and Milonga is what distinguishes PCT from the rest of the genre’s proposals.
In 2018 they released their third studio album “Trillar” (Ayui, 2018) the album was nominated for the Premios Graffiti 2019 in the category of best tango album.
In 2019 they play the Festival de Tango de la Pedrera and the Montevideo Tango Festival, with an outstanding performance.
This year, the composer Hugo Rocca won two awards in the category: “Best tango lyrics” (Caramelito de Licor), and “Best unpublished composition” (Bicharraco), at the Premio Nacional de Música by the MEC. They have just released their fourth album, “Tangos Clandestinos” (Ayuí 2020) with special guests such as Tabaré Rivero, Emiliano Muñoz and Zurdo Bessio, among others.

Contact: Hugo Rocca
Phone: +598 99923712
YT Channel:



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