Reptila, previously called Reptilian Beats, was created at the beginning of 2018 as a musical proposal of Andrea Zárate and Maite Rojas.
They mix traditional, ancestral, and Afro music, with elements of electronic music, pop, and punk, creating an identity and innovative proposal.
Reptilia denotes the act of metamorphosis, adaptation, and constant evolution, an created character, who has no binary gender and is not heteronormed.
Reptilia indicates a being that can live on land and in the water … “music for us is the same, a constant transformation where musical heritage and new technologies coexist” …
Although it is a young project, to date they have already released their first EP “Hiperempatía”.
In 2019 they went on a tour in Brazil.
They have also performed on stages such as the Rockódromo Festival, Filis (Festival Internacional de Innovación Social), Utopia Festival, SCD Women’s Cycle, Sofar Sound Santiago and San Paulo, Matucana 100, Corona Sunset, and SIM Festival Sao Paulo.
In 2020 they will release 2 EP “Xenogenesis X” and “Xenogenesis Y”.
2018: Luna roja Luna Azul – Matraz Records
2019: EP “hiperempatia” –  Self production.
2020: Single “MARITZA”  – Kinética Emilia Abril.
2020: Single “CANTO LLEVATE MI LLANTO”, Produced by Paulopulus and Masterized by Nicolás Carrasco “ Foex” – Potoco Discos


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