Santiago Torricelli Ensemble

Santiago Torricelli Ensemble

The Ensemble proposes a musical project with Argentine folk roots mixing original compositions by Santiago Torricelli – founder and leader of the group – with arrangements and recreations issued from the national popular songbook (Raúl Carnota, Coqui Ortiz, etc.).
In 2015, the group recorded  its first album, “Cercanías”.
They use an atypical instrumental setup (piano, double bass, percussion, bass clarinet, and viola), as a part of a common body, without hierarchies, that provide for a wide range of harmonic, sonic, and rhythmic possibilities; at moments the sound is close to an academic music chamber ensemble, while he takes us on a journey where the Vidala, Criollo Waltz, Candombe, and Jazz coexist on a very sculptured sound.
This transforms the project into a surprising trip through the audacious and renewed paths of Argentinian folk music, allowing the project to be part of jazz and World Music festivals.


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