Stefano Rojas Cuarteto

Stefano Rojas Cuarteto

He is an outstanding Chilean musician, bassist, producer, and composer who has primarily developed jazz and jazz fusion.
He is recognized for developing the Chord Melody and the self-accompaniment on electric bass.
Since the age of 13, he has been making part of trios, quartets, big bands, and symphonic orchestras touring with significant musicians such as Christian Gálvez, Elena Suchkova, Carmen Aguilera, Cristian Mendoza, Cristián Cuturrufo, among others.
He currently teaches jazz in Chilean institutions such as the University of Chile, UNIACC University, and the Instituto de Artes de Chile.
He wrote the “Guide to Bass Chords” which positioned him internationally.
Currently, he is working on his album as a soloist.

Contact: Stefano Rojas
Phone: +56 961743394



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