Surreal 3

Surreal 3

Surreal 3 is a musical group created in 2019.
Their music aims to create surrealist and abstract soundscapes.
Their long compositions incorporate various improvisation moments, which, despite their ethereal character, do not lose rhythm and harmony.
This surreal experience is also supported by a visual stage aesthetic using masks and robes as part of the performance.
This project has been presented in several venues in Santiago, such as “Thelonious, jazz place”, “Mingus Coffee” and “Espacio Manik”.
The band is preparing the release of their first album produced by Agatha Producciones, entitled “Delirio Myístico”.
They propose (as its name suggests) a return to mystical and ancestral elements, through a fusion of musical styles ranging from Ethnic Music to Progressive, Psychedelic, Rock, Jazz, Free Jazz, and Avant-Garde.
The audience of surreal 3 consists mainly of young and old 60s psychedelia lovers who are looking for current bands that take that essence and give a new significance, proposing something fresh and new.
The band’s lineup: José Tolosa on drums, Cristián Gallardo on alto sax, Julián Romero on electric bass, guitar, voice, percussion, and compositions.

Contact: Julián Romero
Phone: +56 987982512



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