Trastornados is born in 2016, in the city of Dolores, Mexico.
The line up is Valentina Alarcón on vocals, Joel Gonnet on vocals and guitar, Mario Ipuche on percussion, Steven Peñaloza on keyboards, Néstor Vico on Bass, and Jonathan Zugnoni on drums.
The band has performed in many Mexican Theaters and venues in Montevideo.
In February 2019 the band performed at Sala Zitarrosa, within of the “Fortalecimiento de las Artes”program, promoted by the Dirección de Cultura de la Intendencia de Montevideo.
In October 2019 they performed at the Auditorio del Sodre, Sala Nelly Goitiño, together with the Núcleo Dolores de la Orquesta Juvenil del Sodre.
Since 2019, the group is working on “Historias de pueblo”, their first original album.
The album will be released at the end of 2020.

Contact: Mario Ipuche
Phone: +598 95343248
YT Channel:



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