Trío Huella y Recuerdo

Trío Huella y Recuerdo

The Huella Y Recuerdo Trio was created in Pacho Cundinamarca in 2017.
They perform Colombian music using instruments such as the tiple, the tiple requinto, and the BaBy-Bass.
They search for an innovative sound able to reach different audiences, using various rhythms such as the Pasillo, Bambuco, Waltz, Rumba Criolla, Merengue Campesino, among others.
The Trio has participated in different events such as A volar de Cóndor 2018, Colombia Líder 2018, Festival de Arte y Cultura Pacho Cundinamarca 2018-2019, and the first Al Son de Las Olas festival de México 2019, in Colombia.

Contact: Julián Durán
Phone: +57 3215909595



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