Tucuta & Nyanzá

Tucuta & Nyanzá

Tucuta & Nyanzá is musical group born in Montevideo, Uruguay.
This group receives LADYJONES heritage, a multi-award-winning group of the 90′.
Its music fuses jazz, Afro-Latin rhythms, candombe, funk, and rock.
Their innovative compositions are in charge of the leader of the group, Ricardo “Tucuta” Soto,  arranged in collaboration with the band musicians.
They have performed in several important venues in Uruguay and abroad such as Festival de Música Instrumental de Montevideo ’95 – 1st prize, Auvenier Jazz Festival, Festivales de Bandas y Solistas de Candombe, Candombe Vivo, with the Filarmónica de Montevideo  at the  MP3 Show, Festival de música instrumental Mi Fest, among many others.
The band has released: “A Quemarropa” (LadyJones, año 1995); “Guardián Africano” (LadyJones año 2000) y “Autores En Vivo en Agadu” (Tucuta & Nyanzá, año 2014).
Currently, they are working on their 4th album, “Embrujo Ladillón”
An Uruguayan 2021 tour is scheduled to showcase this album

Contact: Hugo Arturaola
Email: hart1958@gmail.com
Phone: +598 99181563
Web: http://www.tucutanyanza.uy
Spo: https://open.spotify.com/album/2cGI3syhQbKA8YeS6kyzvN



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